• Buskers and Social/Community Activity Groups are welcome subject to site allocation space. We have limited spots. Please contact us with full details to apply for a booking.

  • Groups and individuals must be pre-approved and registered as a stallholder.

  • To apply, download the pdf Application Form, complete and sign, and return to hurstbridgemarket@dvsupport.org.au 

  • Buskers and their representatives must comply with all market Policies & Procedures, including the specific Rules on this page, and Market Management directives.

  • Activities by an individual or groups representing or lobbying for local, state or federal political interest, any religious interest, or any community or social issue considered of possible contention, are prohibited.

Click pdf to download application

To view Market Stall Business Catagories and Options, click here

Busking Rules & Code of Conduct Overview

  1. Buskers must have applied to perform and been given prior approval before attending market.

  2. Online applications to busk must be received by market manage no later than Wednesday 4pm prior to the Sunday they wish to perform. However, there is no guarantee approval can be provided at such short notice.

  3. Any busker appearing onsite without prior approval may not be able to perform.

  4. Buskers do not pay a fee to perform at the Hurstbridge Market.

  5. Buskers are able to accept donations from the public.

  6. Buskers must respect commercial needs of nearby and affected stallholders.

  7. Buskers may only perform between 09:00 and 1:00.

  8. Buskers must perform at a good standard of playing /performing.

  9. Buskers under 16ys of age must have the parental/guardian consent section of the Busker Application form completed.

  10. Amplifier volume must be kept to a minimum and as directed by a manager on the day.

  11. Entertainment must be suitable for a Family Market. No swearing or profanity.

  12. Buskers must perform only where specifically approved by management.

  13. Buskers must not encroach on any thoroughfare or cause disturbance to any patron, stallholder, or passer-by. Buskers may not walk around and perform unless specifically approved by market management.

  14. Performers must keep a copy of their permit on their person when attending.

  15. All applicants & those performing with them must have read, understood, & agree to the full market Policy & Procedures as related to Busking at the Hurstbridge Market, and agree to comply with them. 

  16. All material must be considered family friendly. The following activities will not be permitted.

  17. Use of any material/item containing fire, emitting heat, containing toxicity, hazardous material, or any item likely to cause harm or injury to any person. Permissions may be granted by market manager upon application.

  18. Use of any dangerous implements, including, but not limited to knives, spears, swords, sharp implements.

  19. Acts that involve animals. Petting and farm animals may be considered.

  20. Selling or offering for sale any articles, commodity, or services except for the busker's own original CDs and DVDs, or performance aids.

  21. Any activities that are illegal, discriminatory, sexually explicit or deemed to be offensive, excessively loud performances, activities causing a nuisance or obstructing pedestrian or vehicle traffic and access to stalls or buildings.

  22. Buskers must be fit and proper and must not be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance whilst performing.

  23. Buskers must not cause damage, litter, or soil the Market surfaces at any time. Should damage occur, the busker will be held liable.

  24. Buskers must not leave any equipment in a position that may create a hazard or risk to the public, stallholders, or market staff.

  25. Groups/Individuals representing religious, lobby or political organisations will not be permitted.

  26. Hurstbridge Market is a smoke free event. Buskers are not permitted to smoke.

  27. Buskers may not erect any tent, easy-up, or structure of any kind. No tables or other such set ups are permitted without market management approval.

  28. Buskers must abide by any instruction given by the market management on the day. Any busker not abiding by those instructions will be asked to leave and will not be granted re-entry.