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Please read our term and conditions and get in touch with us. 

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Market Policy & Procedures overview


This document is a brief overview of the full Market Stallholder Policy & Procedures document. Stallholders must have read and agreed to the full Market Stallholder Policy & Procedures document to be accepted as a stallholder.


  • Application for a stall site should be made via the Hurstbtidge market website  This will lead you to an online booking and payments system.

  • Before making an application for a stall, please read the full “Market Stall Holder Policies & Procedure” document to ensure you qualify to apply. Not all products or services are accepted.

  • To help create variety of choice, to assist existing booked stallholder viability and to make best use of the limited space available, other limits and restrictions may apply on any one market day.

  • Any required or relevant documents must be lodged with market management prior to confirmation of booking. Applicants will be advised when applying. See full Policy document.

  • Market stall site bookings are not confirmed until payment in full has been made.

  • DVCS has a non-exclusive license with La Trobe University to use Car Parks 1 and 2, and as such specific site allocations cannot be guaranteed on any one day.

  • Size of the market sites are variable and relate to the canopy frontage width and space availability. In most cases, a carpark space is situated behind the canopy/gazebo space. Any vehicles on site must be aligned to the parking space as normal, unless a sufficiently large site booking is made to accommodate “across” parking.

  • ALL tents, marquees, umbrellas and other temporary structures, must fit within the boundary of the booked site. All structures must have a minimum of 10kg securely attached to the bottom of each-and-every leg. Some areas/categories may require an increase in this weight requirement. All guy ropes must sit within your allocated stall site. Any attachment to vehicles is not a substitute but considered added security. Electrical ties or “ocky” type straps or such ropes are not acceptable.

  • Products and Services presented at the market should be of a considered ‘reasonable’ standard. DVCS reserves the right to refuse products of a Stall Holder whose products or services are considered not up to standard, illegal or counterfeit.

  • Activities by an individual or groups representing or lobbying for local, state or federal political interest, any religious interest, or any community or social issue considered of possible contention, are prohibited.

  • To ensure diversity, there may be a quota on types of goods or services sold at the market. This is decided at DVCS’s discretion.

  • Stall Holders cannot sell products other than those agreed upon as part of the registration and booking procedure.

  • No smoking paraphernalia, weapons, drugs etc. are permitted for sale.

  • No alcohol is permitted to be served. With correct and current licensing, samples can be provided to customers.

  • Sale of second hand 240volt electrical items is prohibited.

  • As the market is an outdoor all-weather market, all Stall Holders are expected to provide suitable weather protection to enable them to trade regardless of conditions on the day.

  • All Stall Holders are required to stow and remove all their rubbish from sites at the end of the day and ensure that it is left clean and tidy. This includes boxes, packaging, stall products and food containers.

  • Food vendors are required to ensure they are compliant with all food handling regulations, insurance, council permits and provide all required safety equipment.

  • DVCS reserves the right to refuse a stallholder the opportunity to operate a stall at the market if the Stall Holder does not comply with DVCS Policies and Procedures.